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Sex is powerful. The energy that it creates between two people is amazing. That sexual energy can arrest your emotions and strongly influence you to enter into an intimate relationship with a given person. And, when the sex is really satisfying, you may begin to believe you are in love.



Is it Love or Has the Sex Caused an Infatuation?


A younger man and woman have their shirts off and they are holding each other and kissing.

A man and woman are making out on the floor.



As I mentioned earlier, sex is powerful. In other words, when the intercourse is awesome, you may begin to think you are in love. You then enter into a relationship with your sex-partner, and you have expectations that are relatively high for the long-term. But, as you interact with your romantic partner from a day to day basis, you notice that the two of you have a hard time getting along. For example, the two of you are constantly arguing and at each other’s throats about every little thing. Neither one of you likes the arguing or the negativity as a whole, but you are always drawn toward one another and you do not know why this occurs.







Sex has the Power to Connect Souls


Why is it so hard for you to “walk away” from a seemly bad relationship? When you have intercourse with a person, your soul becomes intertwined with that person. To put it differently, there is a oneness that is developed between you and your sex-partner at the soulful level. This is why when you have moved on with your life from a bad relationship, you find yourself going back to that same person that you are obviously not compatible with at all.



How to Overcome Soulful Connections with People that You Are Not Compatible


It is important for you to be aware of the power of sex. Sexual power should not be taken for granted. How many times have you said (or heard someone else say) they wish they never met a former lover. However, when you first met your former lover you could not get enough of them. This is because the intercourse blinded you. With these things in mind, take caution about who you connect yourself with sexually. Sexual relations will connect your soul with your sex-partner.


Sex and Dating


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If your desire is to meet that special someone and enter into a longer-term relationship, then you will need to go beyond the sexual experience. This is because the sexual component is only one aspect to a lasting relationship. It is important for you to embrace the components that make-up a successful relationship.